A word some might say is banded about these days, but if you suffer with it you’ll know that it pretty much affects everything you do or plan to do in your daily life.

The list of things that I worry about is ridiculous and to some people just seem so far fetched that you’d probably wonder how I put one foot in front of the other.

I worry about things I’ve been invited to, and events I’ve not even been invited to yet, I worry about driving somewhere new and if I’ll find it or if it will have adequate parking. I find myself anxious or worrying but sometimes I can’t even tell you why. It’s a consant battle, a battle I’m fully aware of but I can’t seem to pull myself out of.

I mostly mask it, that’s a talent in itself and most people reading this won’t even have picked up on it ever, because I’m mostly that girl who smiles through it and probably uses comedy and humour as my go to coping strategy.

For someone like me, I’ve had a ‘business brain’ for as long as I can remember, going back to charging my brother for ironing his clothes. I always have an idea on the go and my head is constantly whirring with about 10 other ideas at the same time. People joke about what am I selling this time but to me to even execute any ideas publically is a massive deal, but anxiety holds me back every single day. I taunt myself with what ifs and the most negative thoughts of what might happen rather than believing in myself and pushing my talents which could then be successes. If you have ever bought from me, shared a post, dropped a like or thought of someone who might like the product then you’ll never know how much these things mean.

I can’t do Avon because I’m too frightened to even post a book through someone’s door, I can’t Body Shop because the thought of having a party in someone’s home terrifies me, and as for doing lives not a chance. I’m qualified to spray tan but I don’t have the confidence to even buy my kit let alone spray tan someone. How I stood up day in day out in front of groups of kids is beyond me, every day I felt sick, every day I’d worry myself endlessly about things which would never even happen. But I had little choice, it was my job and had to do it because it paid the bills. I loved the one on ones and making a difference to those kids lives but groups of them filled me with dread. There’s girls on my social media that are smashing it with the businesses above, and I know some of them, they also suffer or have suffered at some point and girls I admire you, all of you. Maybe my time will come.

I don’t have a reason for writing this post, writing is mostly the best way I can express myself, maybe writing is my ‘meant to be’, I dunno. I just felt like I needed to say it.

BUT if you’ve ever felt any of the above or similar you’re not on your own. I don’t have an answer but sometimes just knowing you’re not crazy or at least the only crazy 🤪 then that’s enough!


The Holiday (Mini Review)

So we went on holiday as a family for the first time in FOREVER, in June and it was fabulous!

Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport was horrendous. We made the mistake of booking to fly on a Saturday afternoon which on reflection we’d never do again. Every man and his dog were there, and the queue to get through ‘security’ was absolutely awful and took up pretty much all of our airport time.😡

The flight was a little less stressful though and eventually we arrived In Menorca. We stayed at the Globales Apartamentos Binimar in Cala’n Forcat which was approximately an hour away from the airport. Honestly on first impressions, we were very happy. It is what I’d describe as a holiday village, everything connected to each other and it had it’s own little shop on site.

So about the hotel, it was a lovely place and had a nice family feel about it. The rooms were ok, we had a balcony with a table and chairs and but the bedroom was twin beds rather than a double. Jacob’s bed was in the living area and he could sleep well enough on the sofa bit as it was spacious but here was also a pull out bed underneath it. Air-con was free which was very needed, and it was a good enough system that cooled the place throughout. We went all inclusive but if you were self catering the apartment facilities weren’t the best.

It was a pretty big place, I found out later it was the second biggest hotel in Menorca. It had 3 swimming pools. One was a big splash pool with slides and climbing equipment for the kids (and the big kids), surprise surprise this is where we camped all week! There was a pool at the back of the hotel which was quieter and another fairly sizeable pool where a lot of people hung out away from the hustle of the splash pool. Sun-bed gate was a nightmare. Mr M had to go down stupidly early every morning to get a spot and wait for the beda to be unchained. If you weren’t there you’d miss the comfier beds. There were however lots of plastic basic beds but you couldn’t move those up or down so not the preferred ones for most of us.

There were 2 restaurants, both very busy but to be expected in an all inclusive surrounding. Food was ok, I’m not extremely fussy but felt a bit meh about most of it (that could be to do with something else though 😳) Jacob mostly ate chips, pasta and plain meat. The best bit of it was they make their own pizzas in one of the restaurants so there were always fresh lovely thin crust pizzas available, but I didn’t have it too often. The fruit was always nice and fresh.

The downsides. There was a gate which led to a rocky beach at the back of the hotel. It was always left open and any kid could have just wandered off down there. It was very steep and rocky so I felt like that’s an accident waiting to happen. The only other real downside was the door to the apartment. The door shut fine, but there was no extra lock on the inside. So literally it could just be opened from the inside without any difficulty. Luckily Jacob is 7 so I had no worries but felt families with smaller kids might have been more vulnerable.

All in all, we absolutely loved our time here. The resort was small and friendly, there were a few restaurants dotted around and the weather was stunning. The hotel was very family based so the kids will love it. Evening entertainment was hit and miss but think that’s just standard anywhere you go.

Would we return? Absolutely! Thanks Binimar!

Hi, hello, how are ya?

A long time stalker of other people’s blogs, nodding, agreeing, jeering, laughing along the way, I thought it’s about time I made some material of my own. So, if you’re still reading, I hope you’ll be in for one hell of a ride. And like me, I hope you enjoy reading this, whether it’s snatched moments of peace or whether it’s dedicated time to reading other people’s shizzle, come with me on this journey, I promise it will be if anything, an honest account of daily life! #fistpump