Holiday Mode!

Well it’s that time of year again where the lucky ones are off on their jollies, hopefully somewhere sunny and warm. This year, it’s our turn, and I feel so so lucky!

We haven’t had a holiday for 4 years, 4 whole bloody years! It’s one of those things that we probably could have done if we’d really really tried to set money aside or even book early enough and pay in instalments, but truth is we just haven’t really been in a position to jet off, particularly since I left my job.

Someone once told me that the secret of a successful relationship is always having something to look forward to, and this has always stuck with me. We’ve not even had a night away or anything, but when things are tight, it’s the last thing you think of doing. I do though believe it’s important, and if not in a relationship then just taking time out for yourself is equally as important.

So, as things have been better financially than they have for a while, we decided to put a deposit down after Christmas on a holiday abroad. It may have had something to do with the fact that we had a bit of a dodgy Christmas and New Year as we were all really poorly, and I ended up in hospital. It felt like the perfect treat to cheers us all up, and it absolutely worked!

Now, I may or may not have spent 50 hours on Trip Advisor reading reviews for various places! Had to just book in the end, or i’ll have been there all year.

It’s come around so fast. We’re off to Menorca for a week all inclusive, and we got an excellent deal with TUI. We managed to bag a FREE child place, and another £100 off with a code. So for the 3 of us, we have managed an absolute steal and were able to pay it off over the first few months of the year. Cannot wait!

I need to throw the request into school still, and hopefully we won’t face a fine, but that’s another story! I’m not normally an advocate for holidaying in term time, but seeing as it has been a few years since we’ve managed a family holiday, then we decided to go for it. He’s not missing anything too vital, he’s 7 for goodness sake. Plus I’m sure this time away as a family far outweighs anything in a book.

Look forward to updating you about the holiday soon!

Keep on blogging, bloggers!


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