Dear ‘Some’ Parents…

Why do you constantly feel the need to take your child/children somewhere, anywhere? It’s like a constant Facebook stream of competition on who is taking their child to what place, the craziest fun fair, the best zoo, the biggest play centre and such like, and we’re just over here in our pyjama’s (again), eating biscuits (again), and watching In the sodding Night Garden for the 8 millionth time (again). The amount of times I see someone whine “I don’t know where to take the kids today?!”. How about just spending some time chatting?, discussing?, laughing?

Does this make me a bad parent? Will this make my child love me any less because we haven’t been to the farm this summer? Don’t get me wrong, we spend alot of time together, ALOT. We read books, we laugh at the same silly things, we make up stories, we play hide and seek (absolutely not counting me getting in bed while he searches for me) Obv! Surely, these are the things he will remember, and we’ll guffaw about when he’s older, not the thousands of outings we once had that he probably won’t remember half of. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking any of you that take your children on different visits. I know they don’t all cost money, but alot of them do. It’s hard enough being a parent without feeling like you’re denying your child all of these adventures, or without having to see all of your documented pictures to prove how much fun you’ve had. You’d think I was weird if I posted a picture of us playing hide and seek (great view from my bed though! Ha!), or if I announced every time we read one of our favourite books. 

We do go to the farm, and we do visit the park, but we don’t do it all of the time. To me, it makes those times that bit more special and memorable rather than a parent/child necessity.

It’s hard enough being a parent anyway, let alone a social media exposed one. Now where’s those biscuits?! 


3 thoughts on “Dear ‘Some’ Parents…

  1. So very true! It will be raining outside and some parents will be ‘splashing in muddy puddles’ just to show that they are constantly doing something when nothing is wrong with snuggles on the sofa watching KIDSnetflix 😉 Great post! xxx

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  2. I completely agree and that’s the reason I deleted Facebook.
    It must be exhausting (never mind expensive) talking a kid out every day and surely they then expect it and don’t see it as special anymore. I’ve had times where I’ve felt like the worst parent ever when I don’t keep up with all the kids clubs and soft play/farm/theme park visits but when my son tells me the thing that makes him most happy is just being with me I know I’ve done ok.




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