The Snowman and the Snowdog ~ Book Review for Penwizard. 

The thing about the internet that excites me the most is the opportunities it presents. So when one of my very good Twitter friends Twinderelmo suggested that I may be interested in what Penwizard has to offer, I was thrilled to be asked by the company to review one of their childrens books, ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’.

As a massive Christmas lover myself, I didn’t think twice about wanting to be involved. Also the very fact I have a 4 year old boy was an excellent excuse to get lost in a Christmas book in July!

I clicked onto Penwizard’s website. It was so easy to navigate around, I made myself an account which took less than a minute, and I started to choose the personalisation for our book. The thing that I loved, was not only could I personalise it with Jacob’s name, and and add a personal message, I could also choose the sex, hair colour, clothing colour and whether he was to wear glasses or not which really did make it that bit more personal to us. I had a choice of either soft or hard back for the book aswell which I liked. 

The book arrived in 2 days which was fabulous seeing as I only ordered standard delivery. The packaging was very secure, it made sure the book was not bent atall, and the postie managed to fit it through the letterbox. Winner! 

The book was larger than expected which was great for little hands (his, not mine). Immediately Jacob was attracted by the book’s striking colours and graphics, and he recognised his name on the front, and on the inside of the book which guagued his interest quickly. 

We started to read through, and he kept pointing at the character saying “that’s me!” With an excited tone of voice and a cheeky smile, he was clearly engaged. 

We talked about all of the things that was happening througout, and I really liked that it although the book is fun, it also allowed Jacob to ask questions about serious issues too. As a 4 year old, he is so interested in people and the world, he is full of questions. I love how a book can bring us together even closer, and allow me an insight into his mind. 

We reached the end of the book, and his reaction? “Read it again Mummy!”. Needless to say we read it 3 times altogether that day, and we have read it countless times since. I asked him what his favourite part is, and he said “The dream”. 

All in all, the service from Penwizard was excellent, and I would have no hesitation in both buying again, or in recommending this company. The chance to spend that extra time cosied up with my little one in a book which interests me as much as it does him, then I can’t complain. It’s safe to say this has become one of our firm favourites. I might ask Santa for one myself this Christmas… 


Penwizard offer a personalised service for childrens books which allow your children to get lost in an adventure which fully involves them. You can find their website here Penwizard and on Twitter under @Penwizard. 

*I have not been paid for this review. I was given a voucher to review this book by Penwizard* 


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