Sorry, you said what?! 

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a bit of a T.V geek, well especially of the reality or the celebrity kind. So there I was catching up on Celeb Masterchef and salivating over the banquet, when something made me stop in my tracks.

Greg Wallace: ” You have gone from Popstar to Fishwife”

Kimberley Wyatt: “Who knew? Who would have thunk it?!”

Thunk? Is that even a word? Ok stop reaching for your Dictionary (Googling it), and place it back in that sentence. Now, I honestly have not Googled this, so if it’s a word, well I will show my patooties in the street!

This has annoyed me more than it should, surely it’s “who would have thought it or thought that?” I am in such an unnecessary rage! Arghhhhhhh! Damn you Kimberley Wyatt, you’re perfect in every other way, but quite frankly I now want to thunk you in the head!

Good day.


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