About Me

I’ll try and make this snappy. Early 30’s, Mummy to one boy and other half to a guy. Manchester girl, who contrary to popular belief doesn’t swag around in a green parka spitting “Y’alright r kid?” every 5 seconds. I have worked in Education for all of my professional life since leaving University in 2005, so I’m one of those annoying people who publicly counts down to the end of term, and then posts pictures in my pyjamas at 2pm eating a slab of cake! 

I’m a new kid in the blogosphere, but I’m keen to get stuck in to all this jaunt can offer me, even if it is just a space to actually think out loud (which is not always a good thing in my case).

If you’re a brand or company and you think i’ll fit your profile, please get in touch. I’ll warn you though, i’m not cheap! (Haha). I’m kidding, honestly I am, I’m absolutely not laughing at my own joke….honest! 

Comments welcome, if you’d like to get in touch, please do:


Thanks a million. 


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